Fun, Yet Educational Experiments at AHA! A Hands-On Adventure A Children’s Museum in Lancaster, OH

AHA! A Hands-On Adventure in Lancaster, OH, is every child’s dream! Step inside, and you will find tons of fun and educational experiments that will bring out the adventurous explorer in every kid. From painting and sculpting to scientific exploration and engineering, the activities available offer something for every little scientist. Children of all ages can join the fun, with tranquil sections suitable for younger children and more advanced experiments for older kids. Find further facts here.

There’s something for everyone to explore and have fun with. Explore the Human Anatomy lab and learn how the body works, or take a trip to Outer Space to star gaze and point out constellations. Get creative and make a musical masterpiece with the Music Lab, paint and draw abstract artwork, or build structures in the Construction Zone. Guests can even meet exotic animals from across the world and explore the wonders of nature in the Animal Kingdom. Learn more about Sweet Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Candy Cottage in Lancaster, OH.

Safety is of utmost importance at AHA! A Hands-On Adventure. The museum takes extra steps to ensure the cleanliness and safety of each exhibit to give kids and parents peace of mind. Educators are available at each station to guide the children through the experiments and answer any questions they may have. Moreover, the museum is open all week to give parents and children plenty of time to explore and create.

For a new, hands-on experience full of adventure, check out AHA! A Hands-On Adventure in Lancaster, OH. Get ready to learn and have some fun!